Fried shallots

Fried shallots, Food For Tots

Out of all the cooking methods, deep-frying is the least preferred cooking method for me. Why? Besides health reasons, I want to minimize my cleaning job. But this doesn’t mean I am totally rejecting deep-frying food. I don’t mind to eat it once in a while if it is done by others. Hehehe!

This fried shallot is the only deep-frying dish in my entire recipes. I made it on a weekly basis as I need the flavoured shallot oil for tossing my blanching vegetables. It also added extra flavour to some dishes in my cooking ie steamed silky eggs and steamed minced meat. The method I used is simple, not messy and still can produce crispy golden brown shallots to be used in my cooking. The key point is TIMING!


Shallots (peel and slice) – But don’t slice it too thin as it will turn to dark brown easily
Oil (I use extra light olive oil that is suitable for deep-frying)
1 long wooden chopstick (used for cooking)

1) Heat up a small sauce pan. Make sure it is dry. Otherwise water and oil will create a “symphony” in the kitchen.
2) Pour oil inside and let the oil heat up first. The amount of oil used depends on your own requirement but do not exceed half of the sauce pan. It provides some rooms if the oil splashes.
3) When oil is hot (not steaming hot), put your shallots in. Deep-frying under medium heat (adjust the heat if needed)
4) Start stirring occasionally using the chopstick. This is the most crucial time that you need 100% undivided attention to monitor the shallots. It may take a while for the shallots to change colour (approx 10-15 mins – depending on the amount of oil and shallots you use)
5) Once the shallots start to change colour, turn off the heat immediately. The heated oil will continue to fry the shallot. Stir occasionally until it reaches the desired colour (light or darker brown – up to your own preference). Refer to pic below.
6) Drain the fried shallots using a strainer. Keep the oil aside and let it cool down.
7) Pour the fried shallots on a kitchen towel to absorb the oil. When it is cool, store it in an air-tight container. Try to consume it within a week. I personally do not keep the fried shallots separately. When the oil is cool, I will pour the fried shallots back into the oil and keep them together in a small ceramic container (refer to pic below).



Tip: You may also add a pinch of salt as suggested by this mommy. (I personally have not tried this method.)

You may use fried shallots in the following recommended recipes:
a) blanching vegetables (broccoli)
b) yam rice
c) steamed silky eggs
d) steamed minced meat with mixed vegetables
e) steamed mashed beancurd and fish paste 老少平安


Selba said...

Oh my... fried shallots, that's the hardest thing to do. Usually when I made fried shallots, it would be oily and then later not crunchy anymore thus I gave up by buying the ready fried shallots from the market although someone told me a trick to make crunchy fried shallots which is deep into flour.

Dora said...

I love these to go with noodles like Mee Rebus, Prawn Noodles, etc...

Mrs Ergül said...

I love fried shallots but I have not attempted it on my own. Maybe 1 day... Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Bits of Life 'n' Taste said...

Wow! So beautifully fried...

Piggy said...

I like to make my own fried shallots too. Store bought ones taste like cardboard to me.. heehee..

mycookinghut said...

Yum!! Finally!! Your post on fried shallots! Lovely! When you mentioned about steamed silky eggs and steamed minced meat.... I really wish I could have these 2 dishes in front of me! Just like my mom's cooking!

I will attempt to make my own fried shallots too instead of buying from the supermarket :)

Food For Tots said...

Hi selba,
Practice makes perfect. Give it try.;)

Hi dora,
Yes, agreed with u. The shallot is a MUST ingredient in noodles for me too.

Hi Mrs Ergül,
I believe this is a very easy-peasy job for u. ;)

Hi Bits of Life 'n' Taste,
Tks!!! You can do it too!

Hi Piggy,
Taste like cardboard??? So horrible? Hehehe!

Hi My Cooking Hut,
Hahaha! U see i never break my promise right? Just a bit delay bcos my son was sick. Another recipe u can try is 老少平安.

Pam said...

Yum. I can imagine so many dishes that these fried shallots would be great on. Great recipe.

mikky said...

yup, fried shallots, a definite must have in an oriental/asian kitchen... :)

mycookinghut said...

Food For Tots,
Yey! I know you will feature this!! Great job! Is 老少平安 link supposed to work? I clicked on it but nothing happened?

By the way, I hope your son has recovered now!

anudivya said...

That is awesome! I make them at times too... we have a flour dunked version of it.

ICook4Fun said...

I love having fried shallots in my noodles soup that is why I always have some in a jar. I never like the store bought one as I find it taste funny.

Food For Tots said...

Hi Pam,
Yes, it is widely used in Asian cooking esp rice & noodles. Just like the way u sprinkle grated cheese on pasta.

Hi Mikky,
Yup, u r right. Besides Chinese, it is also widely used by Indian and Malay.

Hi My Cooking Huts,
Ooops, sorry. To be safe, I had added it under the recommended recipes in my post. This 老少平安 is best cooked with homemade fish paste and square beancurd sold in the wet market. The mashing and mixing part is best done with your fingers. Tks, he had just recoverred.

Hi anudivya,
Flour dunked version? Sounds interesting. Will check it out soon. Tks for dropping by.

Hi ICook4Fun,
1 of the reasons why I prefer homemade version is that I am concerned about the oil used. They may have "recycled" it for several times to save cost.

Little Inbox said...

Me too...I seldom deep fry. It mess up the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Your fried shallots definitely look awesome... simple yet need a lot of patience.. the fried shallots on the brocolli looks very appetising! job well done, as usual!!

tigerfish said...

Bingo! This is the secret in making the most tasty noodle soup, IMO.

noobcook said...

wah... so professionally done! lovely photos too ;D

homeladychef said...

Knock your head ar! You & your photoes are making me VERY HUNGRY liao lar! ><

Food For Tots said...

Hi Little Inbox,
It's great to know that we share the same view. Less work less stress! Hehehe!

Hi Anonymous,
Tks for your compliments. I am really flattered. *U*

Hi Tigerfish,
IMO too! Esp Penang Chee Cheong Fun!

Hi Noobcook,
Tks again for ur XXL hat! Dun think it can fit well with my head size. Hehehe!

Hi Homeladychef,
Hahaha! So funny! Tks for your comments.

Anggie's Journal said...

Hi ....

U r such a great cook ....!! BTW, thanks for visiting my humble blog .. my cooking skill was very far away .. so much to learn .. but i like ur blog , very useful for people like me who just wanna learn cooking :)

Food For Tots said...

Hi Anggie,
Tks for your compliment. I am really flattered. *U*. Practice makes perfect. If you cook 2 meals a day and cook 6-7 days a week like me, you will learn faster. You are such a great baker. I envy you. I haven't started my baking journey yet. Hehehe..!

syrie said...

thanks for the great tips. I sometimes I have trouble with burning my shallots or crispy garlic. I'll be sure to follow your tips next time.

Food For Tots said...

Hi Syrie,
Tks for dropping by. Let me know the outcome when you make these fried shallots in future. ;)

Max mickle said...

Your Fried shallots delicious! Very nice site. Your Fried shallots recipe presentation is an eye-pleaser.I'm sure it'll be a big hit with the foodies!

Food For Tots said...

Max Mickle: Tks for dropping by and your compliments. Hope to see you again.