Sui kow (水饺) - Featured recipe for Rasa Malaysia

sui kow, dumplings, Chinese dumplings

Two year ago, when I was just starting to cook for my family, a friend of mine made a strong recommendation that I visit Rasa Malaysia's food blog for its recipes and cooking ideas. When I browsed thru her blog, I was very amazed by her stunning shots and high level of professionalism in food presentation, not to mention her cooking and baking skills. Since then, I had been following her blog closely and even referred it as my “online cookbook”.

I have to say that her featured recipes are getting more and more interesting and impressive now. There are many cooking tips and methods I learnt thru reading her posting. Each time I visited her blog, I will be drooling and leaving with a hungry stomach. Her Penang-style cooking also makes me very homesick and I just feel like flying home the next day to satisfy my cravings.

Today, I like to thank Bee of Rasa Malaysia for featuring me as her guest writer. I had chosen sui kow (水饺) as my featured recipe because she loves dumplings. Co-incidentally, it is also my childhood favourite. I had never got bored eating it even until now. Hopefully by sharing my hubby's “self-proclaimed” authentic sui kow recipe, you will love sui kow as much as we do. You can find my write-up and more photos of sui kow at Rasa Malaysia's blog now. So hop over and see you there!


Pearl said...

oh those sui kow look incredible. i always preferred mine steamed :).

CY said...

Fantastic looking sui kows! I agree that adding the peas is a great idea, my po po always added peas into her sui kows...a burst of sweetness when you bite into them!

Nazarina A said...

This is just beautiful!

worldwindows said...

I agree that coriander is a must ingredient for sui kow as I have been brought up with this version:) I can have 4-5 pieces with my full bowl of wanton noodles!

Selba said...

I love eating sui kow but never managed to make it my own... :)

Katie said...

This looks great! Do you know where would I find dumpling wrappers?

Dora said...

I luv them very much! In esp, it is one of my favourite food for steamboat.

Bits of Life 'n' Taste said...

Bravo Chef! I love Sui Kow too... just simple soothing dish.

mycookinghut said...

Congrats on the feature!! Sui Kows look incredibly tasty!!

Maya said...

Well done!

Food For Tots said...

Pearl: Steamed sui kow is new too me! Sounds interesting!

CY: I am so jealous to hear that u have a po po making sui kow to u. My po po passed away when I was just a kid. Never taste her cooking before.

Nazarina A: Tks!!

Worldwindows: Is this version only available in KL? I had never taste it before in Penang.

Selba: It is definately worth the effort to make your own. Give it a try!

Katie: Tks! You can try to look for it at the supermarket in Chinatown.

Dora: Me too! I luv this for steamboat.

BOLNT: Tks for ur word of encouragement!! Looking forward to your sui kow posting soon!

Mycookinghut: Tks! Have u tried this version before (adding peas & coriander leaves)?

Maya: Tks!!

lisaiscooking said...

Just saw your post at Rasa Malaysia. This looks fantastic!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks delicious!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow very nice lar, so yummy. will you be my guest writer too? :)

tigerfish said...

I love sui low! You make it miss Hong Kong all of a sudden. Don't know why.

noobcook said...

congrats! The sui kow looks fantastic! =)

Little Inbox said...

I'm lazy to make my own too. You did it well!

New Kid on the Blog said...

hello hello.... can i have 1 bowl, pls?? ;P

mycookinghut said...


No.. I haven't tried before. I really need to find some time to try out cos I have been really busy.. and next week will be busier :( .. I am moving home!!

Food For Tots said...

Lisaiscooking: Tks! Do you plan to make some soon? ;)

LCOM: Tastes delicious too! Hehehe!

BBO: R u going to ask your mom to make some later? Me as ur guest writer? Qualified? Hehehe!

Tigerfish: I got your "virus" now. Miss HK too ..... Haiiiii!

Noobcook: Tks!!

Little Inbox: With your current cooking skills, this is an easy-peasy job for you. Close 1 eye also can "kao tim"! ;)

NKOTB: Aiyo...why r u so late? Will keep u posted if I am making some in Penang. Hehehe!

Mycookinghut: Lee Mei, I am used to moving home but the worst experience was moving over to Spore. With last min notice & tight deadline, I did it all by myself. Start packing after my son went to bed until 2am every night. Many unforeseen circumstances happened in between. I was so stressed out until I lost 5 kg in weight.

shavedicesundays said...

Those are some beautiful dumplings. I keep seeing Rasa Malaysia's site listed here and there but have only stopped by once or twice. Might have to browse through more carefully now. Thanks for the recommendation.

Craftpassion said...

Hi, I saw your post at raza Malaysia and would like to drop by here to say "hi". Your dishes really look great and delicious.
Great blog too!!!

Food For Tots said...

Shavedicesundays: Tks for your kind comments. Rasa Malaysia is a very talented person!!! You can witness it by yourself from her blog. ;)

Craftpassion: Hello!! Welcome to my humble kitchen! Thanks a lot for your compliments. I am so flattered. Do drop by more often!!

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