Kiddy porridge

kiddy porridge, porridge, Food For Tots

¼ cup uncooked rice
¼ cup millet (u can replace with uncooked rice)
10 sunflower seeds
10 pumpkin seeds
10g fresh lily bulbs
50g pumpkin (cut into cubes)
2 baby sweetcorns
20g fish (cut into slides)
Broccoli stem (cut into cubes)
Handful of frozen green peas
Spring onion (chopped)
Water for boiling

Salt and pepper to taste
Dash of sesame oil

1. Wash rice and millet. Add in enough water (approx 3x the rice amount), sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds in a cooking pot.
2. Cook with high heat until boiling. Reduce heat to medium low and continue to cook (with lid slightly open) for another 15 mins.
3. Add in pumpkins, baby sweetcorns & broccoli stems. Cook for another 10 mins.
4. Add in lily bulb, green peas and cook for another 1 min.
5. Add in fish and seasonings and stir-well. Cook for a while and turn off the heat.
6. Put some fried onion oil (optional) and sprinkle with spring onion.

There are many ways to cook porridge - eg cooking pot, slow cooker and claypot. I prefer to use claypot as the texture turns out to be smoother compared to others.


Anonymous said...


where do u get fresh lily bulbs? I can't find them in both supermarket and dry market...

Food For Tots said...

Hi anonymous,
I bought mine from NTUC Tampines Mall at the organic food section. They are always out-of-stk. If u r not sure of the packaging, take a look at the photo shown on this posting

Anonymous said...

hi, good day..
thinking of want to prepare 1st porridge meal for my 6 mths bb this weekend,and what is your ideal (what porridge) and the porridge need to cook for how long...because this is my first time prepare bb porridge....

Food For Tots said...

Hi anonymous,
I grinded the brown rice and made porridge for my son. Start with veggie ie potato, sweet potato, carrot, spinach (leaves) etc. Meat, chicken and fish should be later. Introducing solid food/ weaning ur baby must be done stage by stage and with careful planning as there are allergy issues to be taken care of. I used GINA FORD "The new contended little baby book" as my reference point to wean off my son using her 15 days guide. Points to take note:
a) no salt, sugar or oil for 1st year
b) introduce 1 new food every 3 days (to avoid prob for digestion)
c) do not replace milk with solid too soon as it is still the main source of vitamins and minerals.
If you need further info, drop me a line at foodfortots@yahoo.com. I can send you the scanned copy of the guide if you like. Hope it helps.